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Rugs 4 Rescues

Rugs for Rescue Horses

A rug for every horse.

Caribu Horse Wear would like to help out a number of Horse Rescue and shelter organisations.  These amazing people do such a great job of helping many of our equine friends that have found themselves in difficulty, usually through no fault of their own.  While it is rewarding and beautiful to see the success stories, it is also heart breaking and expensive work and not something all of us can do. 

How can you help?
Often our customers contact us to purchase rugs to donate to their favourite charitable horse rescue which is a beautiful gesture and one which we would like to support.  Sometimes they are current customers or sometimes they are horse lovers, who for whatever reason cannot care for their own horse but would like to help our equine friends where they can.

Have you a favorite horse rescue organisation that could do with a hand?
For anyone purchasing a rug for a rescue horse in the care of one of our registered 'not for profit' organisation we will give a 20% discount off our already low prices!  (Excludes items already on sale or reduced)

How does 'Rugs 4 Rescues' work?

What to buy?
Not sure which rug to buy?  First - contact one of the below registered groups and ask when they are having their next Rug Drive. Then once adverstied please contact us at Caribu to place your order for donation.

How to Order. The purchaser must call our office on 1300 139989 to place the order and receive the 20% discount. (Please tell us before you place your order that you are ordering a rug for one of the rescue groups) . The Customer Service team is available Monday to Friday 8:45 - 4:15. We can only process "Rugs 4 Rescues" orders over the phone.

Delivery direct:
The order delivery address must be one of our selected registered rescue organisations.  These organisations have already provided us a nominated a delivery address for their rescue rugs. Rugs will only be delivered to these nominated addresses.
There are no pick-ups available or delivery to private addresses.  Shipping is at the expense of the buyer.

Rugs only:
Caribu is a wholesale direct company with very slim margins so this discount applies to rugs only. Other items may be purchased and included in the order but the 20% discount will only apply to the rugs. Further discounts do not apply and Cash Rewards cannot be accrued or applied to purchases under the program.

Are you a registered 'not for profit' organisation and want to be considered for discount rugs for your rescued horses?

If you are a registered not for profit equine rescue group and would like to be considered for our program, please contact us via email and provide us an outline of your operation including:

  • Your organisations details
  • A brief outline of the great work you do, how many horses under your care, how you structure your organisation etc
  • Your location, website and Facebook pages
  • Your registered charity ABN
  • Your nominated address for delivery of rugs.

If accepted to the program we will add your details to our page below as an eligible recipient. You can then organise rug drives and advise your supporters of the rugs you need and give them our contact details to make the purchase for you?


Rugs 4 Rescues Nominated Groups:

Chapel Lodge

Save a Horse Australia
Allenview, QLD


Chapel Lodge

Chapel Lodge Standardbred Rescue and Rehabilitation
Lewiston, SA


Chapel Lodge

Heavy Horse Heaven Inc
Yass, NSW


Chapel Lodge

Horse Welfare Inc
Glen Oak, NSW


Chapel Lodge

R.E.I.N Rescue
Warranwood, VIC