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Returns & Warranty

If you are not 100% happy with the quality of the rugs purchased. Send them back to us for a full refund before using.

At Caribu we pride ourselves on the high quality of our products and the QA processes we have in place. We expect under normal conditions are products will serve you well.

We ask that you check your rugs & products carefully, before using on your horse or making any modifications, to satisfy yourself that they are of high quality and free from any manufacturing defects, which may shorten the expected life of your purchase.

This ensures that if a rug or product is damaged sooner than expected - you can be satisfied the product was sound to begin with and any damage is a result from an accident. It is almost impossible to discern if there there was a manufacturing fault with a rug after your horse has destroyed it.

By putting the product into use you are agreeing that you have inspected your purchase closely and that you are 100% satisfied with the product and its fitness for the fitness task at hand and your horses environment and temperament.

It is your responsibility to ensure you are satisfied with the quality and fitness of purpose for the products. When you fit the rug or product for the first time, we suggest try on over a sheet or another rug to check the fit and design, if you have any doubt about the fit, sizing, quality or its suitability for the task you have intended - please contact us to arrange an exchange or return the item for a full refund. Remove the item from your horse immediately before it gets dirty. If you are unsure of the fitting of a horse rug or how to use a particular item - please contact us for clarification before using the product. We are only too happy to assist. More info here

Horse Rug Warranty:

None of our products are sold with Express Warranties or Extended Manufacturers warranties. We do not guarantee that our rugs will last any set period of time, horses are unpredictable - horse rugs can just as easily be destroyed or torn via misadventure in the first hour of use as they can 18 months later.

Common sense has to prevail, horses are large animals and damage to a horse rug can and will occur from an endless list of activities. Horses can and will, get themselves and their rugs, into all sorts of predicaments. When a 400kg+ of horse versus a 3kg rug - chances are the rug will come off second best! We will not honor replacements for any item that has been destroyed from misadventure. Rugs will get damaged and torn from slipping, snagging, biting, fencing, rolling, ill fitting rug etc - the list of possibilities is endless.

We also offer a number of budget designs by Kingsley Horse rugs - these are our budget conscious alternative to the legendary Caribu range and are designed for horse owners who need a budget conscious option. We have a detailed page on this link explaining the differences between Caribu and Kingsley brands to insure you purchase a rug that will wear the best for your horse.

However, all our products are sold with a consumer guarantee. The law automatically gives consumers rights when they buy goods and services from a Qld business. (Visit Qld Office of Fair Trading here) .

Faq FAQ's on Returns & Exchanges

I purchased the wrong size rug. Can I return it? Yes, no problem, Read more

You sent me an incorrect item, can i return it. Yes, no problem. Read more

My rug has a manufacturing fault or defect. Can I return it? Yes Read more

My horse has destroyed his rug within a day/week/month. Can I return it? No. Sorry. Read more

My horse developed rub marks. Can I return it? No, but we can help you work out why its rubbing. Read more

My horse has worn his new rug for a day/week/month and I don't like the fit. Can I return it? No, but lets see if we can help you with the fit. Read more

Faq The Return Process:

Please submit a support ticket on the link below prior to returning your item so we can evaluate your issue and provide you with a Return Authority (RA) number if warranted.

To submit a RA Request you will need to have all of the following information:

  • Your order number & date of your order
  • For manufacturing faults:
    • Please also provide us detailed images of your issue or fault.
    • If your item has been damaged during use after purchase:-
      • For horse rugs, as well as close up images, please also provide us with clear pictures of the rug on your horse, including a wide shot that shows us your entire horse from at least two angles
      • So we can evaluate your claim, please substantiate to us in detail how you believe your issue is a manufacturing fault and not a case of misfortune because your horse has torn, snagged, rolled or bitten the item causing damage. We do ask you to check your rugs in detail before using to ensure there are no manufacturing faults.
  • With out the above information we may not be able to process your request

To submit a request for a return/exchange/refund, please submit an online support ticket/request via clicking here:>> Return Authorisation (RA) Request page.

All goods must be returned to us with:

• Original condition & original packaging along with all tags etc
• Goods must be 100% clean and hair free if returning for an exchange or refund (see more details above under Returning Soiled Items)
• You notify us of the need for an exchange or return within 14 days of receipt
• You return with copy of the invoice/receipt within 14 days of notifying us.
• When returning please display your RA number clearly on the parcel or on a note inside accompanying your return to enable us to track and process your return quickly

Local Exchanges - Our Caribu Distribution Centers are closed to the general public and we do not permit customers on site at our Warehouses to exchange rugs. Our pricing structure and very low prices reflect our stream lined approach to handling & delivery. If you need to exchange rugs, they will need to be sent back to us via post - no exceptions.

Bargain Bin Returns

Bargain Bin products are for final sale and cannot be refunded, exchanged or credited unless it meets consumer rights outlined under Australian Consumer Law. Products within the bargain bin category will include any product fault in the product description, and by completing your purchase you are agreeing that you understand that you are unable to seek a replacement or refund of existing fault at time purchase.

To be eligible for a refund, replacement or store credit you must meet the below return conditions:

  • All labels are still attached to the product (including the care instructions, size tags, and barcode)
  • The product has not been soiled or damaged, beyond the state it was provided it
  • The product has not been altered by you in any way
  • The goods are deemed to have a manufacturing fault, assessed by Caribu Horse Wear
  • Is different from a style pictured or described
  • Fault was not listed in the item description at time of purchase

Contact Caribu Horse Wear on 1300 139 989 or through returns web form here. Remedial action is to be based on the severity of fault and is to be determined by Caribu Horse Wear. 


Postage Costs:

Postage and handling charges are not refundable. If there is a mistake on our behalf with your order, we will cover the postage costs for you to return the item to us. If there is a clear fault with one of our products, we will also cover return postage costs. (Please note - Caribu covering return postage costs is at our discretion and under Fair Trade the customer is responsible for returning the item to the retailer)

We will provide you with a courier label to have the item returned at our expense, with a tracking number. If you return an item for a straight exchange (not a fault on our behalf), the postage cost to send the item back to us as well return postage costs for the replacement, will be at your expense. For customers that are in our free delivery area - free postage only applies for your initial purchase, if you return an item to us to exchange, we will charge a very reasonable flat rate $9.95 delivery fee to send you your replacement.

Please note if you decide you no longer want and order and decide to just return a parcel "Return to Sender", we do get charged for the parcel return at standard rates and will have to pass this cost onto you..

I bought the wrong size or style, can I exchange it?

Yes, we all make mistakes! We are happy to exchange an item for you with in 14 days of purchase. The item must be unused and clean and in original packaging. Postage costs to return the item to Caribu Horse Wear is the buyers responsibility. Likewise the postage costs of the replacement item to be dispatched is also the buyers responsibility and we will require collection of the postal fee before shipping out the replacement item. We go to great lengths to give detailed descriptions of sizing and photos of our products, so please choose carefully – don’t be afraid to ask us about an item, we are only to happy to help you. Your item must be clean, see more details below on how to return.

For horse rugs, we suggest your try them on over an old sheet or horse rug to prevent them getting covered in hair and stained. Items returned need to be clean and hair free - in the same condition your received them. We cant accept them back once dirty or damaged by your horse. We have a detailed fitting guide here and sizing guide here. Please follow our Returns Process outlined above.

You sent me an incorrect item:

Oops - if we make a mistake and send you an incorrect item, size or style of product (we are only human!), please contact us via submitting a support request via our Returns Request page so we can arrange a replacement at our expense, asap. These items need to be returned to us within 14 days of receipt. Please don't use the item as we will not accept products back once they have been in use or been modified in any way. Please follow our Returns Process outlined above

Returning Soiled Items.

If we receive an item back from you for exchange or refund and it is marked, stained or covered in hair (no mater how minor in your opinion) or shows any obvious signs of extended use which has marked the rug and will prevent the rug from being returned to stock - we will provide you with two options. Either return the soiled rug to you at your expense, or on your instructions, we will charge a restocking fee to cover the costs of discounting your returned item that is dirty. This fee will be equal to the difference between the discount sale price to resell your item and your original purchase price. Our aim is to ensure you have a minimal loss. Rugs that have obvious use, marks and stains etc can not be resold and will need to be sold as a used item and sold in our discount bin. Most items will be marked down 20% to 50% depending on the state they are returned in and we will provide you a credit or refund of this full amount.

Please use some common sense and common courtesy when returning items for exchange or refund. To avoid disappointment, please ensure all items are clean. We suggest to put a sheet under your rug when trying it on for the first time, to keep hair and dirt off the rug.

My horse has destroyed his rug, can I return it?

No. But we can help you work out if it was a size of fit issue that may have caused the problem. Unfortunately horses will damage and tear their rugs, its not a case of if, but when. It just hurts so much more when the rug is 2 days old rather than 12 moths old. Sometimes there is a reason why the rug has been destroyed. Sizing or Fitting issues - or sometimes its just bad luck. Its often the quietest natured horses in the most sterile paddocks do do the most damage!

A good match between your horse and your new rug will ensure you have few problems. A poor fitting rug, due to incorrect sizing for your horse, will accelerate the likely damage to a horse rug. Horse rugs are usually damaged by:

  • Having your horse in a rug a size to small, resulting in excessive pressure on chest buckles and the wither area and causing rub points and/or
  • Having your horse in rug that is to large, resulting in a rug that slips easily on your horse and/or
  • Having Leg straps fitted to loosely , and the horses rug slips, usually allowing the horse to either step thru the leg strap or catch their hoof on the strap - which results in the strap being pulled off.
  • Loose Belly Surcingles, which allows the horse to get his legs caught in a strap when running or rolling.
  • Any of the above issues are exaggerated when your horses rolls or canters.

Checkout or detailed Sizing Guide as well as our detailed Fitting guide to learn more.

My horse has developed rug marks. Can I send the rug back?

No. But we can work with your to work out why the rug is rubbing. 90% of rub marks come from a poor fit. However it is very common to see rub marks on horses who otherwise would never never get them, from late January to early March, this is when horses grow out their summer coat (which is very thin) with a thicker winter coat, during this time a horse coat is more susceptible to rub. Especially when combined with humid/wet weather than increases friction from rugs.

We have a detailed fitting guide here to refer to.

A good fit will reduce the likely hood of your horse developing rub marks from pressure points from a rug. We design our rugs in such away to ensure that pressure on the chest and shoulders is kept to a minimum. We also incorporate anti-rub linings in our rugs. Keep in mind that some rugs are heavier than others (like Fly mesh or Turnout Rugs) and these will apply more weight to pressure points. Rub Marks are caused from a combination of :

  • Most often the rug sizing being used is incorrect, or the horses has features which make them more susceptible to pressure point marks (i.e. high wither, very lean build etc). If a rug is to small you generally see rub marks on the shoulders, if its too big you tend to get rubbing more on the front chest area as the rug slides back over the wither..
  • Late January to early March - horses grow out there summer coat with a thicker winter coat, during this time a horse coat is more susceptible to rub.
  • Wearing rugs for extended periods (i.e.: over winter) will eventually have an impact on pressure points and bibs are advisable
  • Some horses have more sensitive coats and will be fine in lighter rugs (like ripstop cotton ) but may have issues in fly mesh or turnout combos which are heavier. Fine coats and are more susceptible to rubbing and may need a bib under heavier rugs to provide an extra layer of padding.

With some horse's you just cant pick why a particular rug will cause an issue. Just like people, the same size shirt will fit 10 different people in the same size differently. Horses are no different and have their own different shapes, features and postures and movements. Getting a good match between horse and rug size will ensure that you won't have any problems. If your horse has rub marks - something is usually wrong with the rug sizing you have chosen or your horse has features outside the 'norm'. Rub marks can be caused by a wide variety of issues out of our control. Some horses may need a bib to help alleviate.

Because there are so many issues out of our control, it is the buyers responsibility to ensure you are satisfied with the quality and fitness of purpose for the products you have purchased before using them. When you fit the rug or product for the first time, if you are not happy with the fit or sizing, please contact us to arrange an exchange or refund for the item. We will not honor replacements or refunds for any item that has been used and is no longer able to be returned to stock.

My product has a manufacturing fault:

If an item has a demonstrable manufacturing defect when you receive it, we will happily replace the item. However, please your rugs carefully to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the quality and fitness of purpose for the products you have purchased before using or modifying them. If your horse wears a rug and then damages it via misadventure - this is not considered defective. If your horse uses a rug for a hour/day/week/month and then damages it - that is not a defect, that is real life. You need to check your rug when you receive it and make sure you are happy with all stitching and fittings. It is almost impossible to discern if there there was a manufacturing fault with a rug after your horse has destroyed it.

We don't guarantee that our rugs will last any set period of time - they can just as easily be destroyed in the first hour as they can 18 months later. However we go to great lengths to ensure rugs we supply are of high quality, with strong fabrics and fittings. Please follow our Returns Process outlined below.

Horse Rugs are not complex items - most manufacturing faults generally relate to missed stitching and can easily be detected via checking your rug carefully before use. By checking your horse rug carefully on receipt, you can ensure the rug is sound.

We suggest you carefully check the following:

• Check the entire outer binding of the rug to ensure all binding is stitched correctly.
• Check gussets for stitching
• Check the tail flap attachment and stitching.
• Check the rear seam along the back line for stitching
• Check the neck straps & chest straps.
• Check the stitching where belly surcingles are attached
• Check the stitching where leg straps are attached
• Check the fabric used in the rug construction.

We put a lot of little extras on our horse rugs to improve strength, depending on the style of rug purchased. These innovations wont prevent your rug being damaged from misadventure, because extreme forces that horses can apply to rugs are more than any fabric of fitting can withstand, but they will ensure your rug has the best chance of surviving problematic situations. If you look closely at our rugs you will see:-

• We incorporate a double row of stitching around all edge bindings.
• We use mechanically rolled seams along back lines, which helps reduce seams parting under stress
• Depending on the fabric, we reinforce all mounting points for fittings with an backing layer of fabric when needed (i.e. surcingles and neck buckles etc)
• We use Bartac stitches on all points of the rug that can come under stress, you will find them on chest and neck straps, at the bottom of gussets, on surcingles and D ring mounts as well as where tail flaps or hoods attach to the rug. They help take sudden pressure and reduce damage on areas of the rug that come under high stress. They have a breaking point of approx 150Kg. (They go along way in helping reduce damage, but a horse can apply significantly more pressure than 150kg)
• We use dual layered strapping for chest straps
• Most importantly our rugs are all produced on high tech machines that are use computerized patters for attaching all the various fittings - this generally means we have an extremely low occurrence of inferior or missed stitching.

Bartac Example..Bartac Example

In addition to the detailed information on this page, you may also find some of our other guides in this series helpful :- 

Horse Rug Size Guide (size & fit - how to get it right)
A Guide to Fitting horse Rugs (how our rugs should be fitted to avoid rubbing or premature damage)
Fitting Hoods & Masks (what you need to know to keep your horse safe)
Understanding Waterproofing (how to check and keep your rugs waterproof)
How to Adjust Belly Surcingles (step by step guide)
Horse Rug Care (avoid these common mistakes)

Horses Safety

Horses are unpredictable animals and there is always a small possibility of a horse dislodging rugs, hoods, fly masks etc from scratching, snagging or other mischief and then panicking if their movement or vision is effected. When using rugs or hoods or masks on your horse you need to consider the horses temperament, location to other horses, environment and their overall suitability for wearing these types of products. We recommend only using masks, hoods or other items that may interfere with a horses vision in safe environments where the horse can be supervised at all times.

It is your responsibility to ensure purchased products are fit for the intended use. Caribu Horse Wear accepts no liability for loss, damage, injury or death or consequential loss to any property, person or animal resulting from the use or misuse, incorrect fitting or failure of any of our products. You hereby indemnity's and agrees to keep fully and effectually indemnified Caribu Horse Wear, its officers, directors, employees, agents, licensees and suppliers from and against all losses expenses damages and costs including legal fees on an indemnity basis resulting from any product purchased from Caribu Horse Wear. It is agreed that in consideration for the supply of the product to you, the liability Caribu Horse Wear for any claim, by or on behalf of you the Buyer, their Executors, Administrators and Assigns whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise for any loss or damage, including consequential loss arising out of or in connection with, or resulting from the manufacture, sale, delivery, resale, replacement or use of the product is hereby excluded to the fullest extent permissible by law whether such loss is caused by or contributed to by negligence or wilful act of Caribu Horse Wear

In no event shall Caribu Horse Wear be liable for any loss of profits, or special or consequential damages suffered by you, including interest charges

What if I have more questions?
If you have any questions on our products or service, please call 1300 139989 or Email Us.