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Natural Products

At Caribu we have a growing range of natural alternatives to help keep your horse healthy.

Bugz Off Horse Face & Body Cream for Insects
natural skin product
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Heritage Downs Greasy Cream 250grl
superior natural all purpose product
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Heritage Downs Horse Shampoo Concentrate
Quality Natural Care Shampoo
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Heritage Downs Horse Itch Trial Pack
Three trial-sized products to try
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Heritage Downs Tea Tree Wound Spray 500ml
convenient, powerful antiseptic spray
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Heritage Horse Conditioner Concentrate
Quality Natural Care Conditioner
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Heritage Wonder Wax Salve - 100g
antiseptic and healing properties
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Horse Coat Oil
environmentally friendly and non-toxic
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Intensive Coat Oil
Soothing, repairing and nourishing for skin
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Natural Equine Insect Spray
effective all natural insect repellent
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PAW Manuka Wound Gel
natural wound gel
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Customer Testimonials

Congratulations Caribu, I am extremely impressed with your website and its ease of use, your delivery times are exceptional - its a bit hard to believe just how quickly I receive my goods.
I must admit I was very scepticle about how good the rugs could be for $90 ( I bought the rain sheet), they fit amazingly well with very generous shoulder gussets that are in JUST the right place for free movement and that lovely extra long drop along with the belly straps virtually encloses their entire belly and in these cold wet bleak days is wonderful. I was so impressed I then bought another 5 rugs, once again the delivery time was brilliant.
I have bought a lot of rugs over the last 35yrs. Your rugs are the best for price, value for money and delivery.
THANKYOU Peta Coombs

Hi caribu team,
I bought the new Kingsley mesh combo for my 18yr old ash and it fit her perfect . Took 2 working days to get here and comunication ie emails and tracking of my purchase was perfect in everyway .thank you again.
I will recommend Caribu to all my friends .
Janet and Ruby Janet Howard-Smith

I have bought Caribu rugs for the last 4 years and they fit my Percheron cross better than any other rugs and they are fantastic quality for the price I highly recommend them. Pam Brophy

I purchased a half pad to assist with my extremely broad but high withered slightly dippy clydie x qh/paint. I thought it would feel nice for him and assist with rider weight distribution, more recently adding in the shims as I felt they would be beneficial as his back shape was changing slightly.. Having my saddle fitter out recently to adjust our fit, I expected him to remove the half pad - however he was very happy with the item and its use in conjunction with the changes he made to our saddle - he preferred to keep that on so there was a softer all round feel rather than make harsher adjustments to the saddle. Also love our Caribu mesh combo... those little blue ears on my boy make me grin every time :D Michelle

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