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Lined Winter Turnout Rugs

We have a large range of synthetic Lined Winter Waterproof Turnout Horse Rugs and Neck Combos. All our Waterproof Turnout Horse Rugs are made from top quality, 600, 1200 or 1680 Denier Fabrics and are rated for their waterproofing and breathability. You wont find a better fitting horse rug than a Caribu. Checkout our range below.

Caribu Alpine 'Mid' 200gram Lined / 1200 Denier Turnout Winter Combo
(5'0-6'9) MED Weight
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Caribu Alpine 'Mid' 250gram Lined / 1200 Denier Turnout Rug with Detachable Neck
(5'0-6'9) Detachable Neck
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Caribu Alpine 300gram Lined / 1200 Denier Turnout Winter Combo
(4'0-7'0) Best Seller
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Caribu Alpine Mid 200gram Lined / 1200 Denier Winter Turnout Horse Rug
(5'6-6'9) Great Fit
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Caribu Colorado 'Mid' 200gram Lined / 1680 Denier Turnout Winter Combo
(5'0-6'9) Premium Range
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Caribu Colorado 'Mid' 250gram Lined / 1680 Denier Turnout Rug with Detachable Neck
(4'9-6'9) Superior Fabric
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Caribu Colorado 300gram Lined / 1680 Denier Turnout Winter Combo
(4'9-6'9) Superior Fabric
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Caribu Flinders Polar Fleece Lined 1200 Denier Turnout Combo with Detachable Neck
(5'3-6'9) Fleece Lined
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Tail Bag - 1200 Denier Waterproof
Ultimate Protection
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Customer Testimonials

I purchased a Caribu winter rug for my horse 4 years ago and only now am I needing a new one. Extremely impressed with all aspects of this company. My horse has a sway back, thus fit is usually an issue. Caribu is the only rug he has not slipped off or had fit incorrectly. He also has very little rubbing with it. Much better than the more expensive well known brands. Thankyou! Julia Klein

Super fast delivery, great service but most importantly great rugs which wear and fit well!
Thankyou Kate Kate Robinson

I have not come across rugs that fit so well before. They fit all my horses like a glove. From the wide and muscled, to the young, slim, and growing, all the Caribu rugs fit perfectly.
Love the length of the neck rugs. They actually cover their whole neck!!
They are a super quality, and survive the rough and tumble of youngsters extremely well, far better than any other rug I have used. The warmth that they give is brilliant, and the buckles and clips are heavy duty and don't break!
An easy ordering system and prompt delivery tops off the buying experience fantastically!
Caribu has proved that they have the fit, quality and price perfected. I won't be shopping for rugs anywhere else..

Lisa Hosking
Allira Park Warmbloods
South Australia Lisa Hosking
(Allira Park Warmbloods)

Hi Tram Caribu,

I've been purchasing your rugs over the last few years and absolutely love them.

Being able to purchase the 6'0 or 6'3 rug with the option of a cob sized hood is perfect for my tb because I know the hood will not end up over his head from being too big on him. I love the fit of all the rugs, they stay where you put them, wether it's on an older less muscly horse, to a fine built arab, to a solid qh to a small pony, I've tried them on every shape horse and have not found a better fit, and with the prices of them, they are affordable enough to make sure all my horses are warm, dry and protected from the pesky insects.

I also love the air mesh fly bonnet, fits like a glove and keeps the flys from pestering the horses.

About to order the dog rugs to keep the pooches warm this coming winter.

Thanks for making great products that are affordable and arrive within a few days of ordering.

Cheers Breonie Breonie McLennan

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