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Lined Winter Turnout Rugs

We have a large range of synthetic Lined Winter Waterproof Turnout Horse Rugs and Neck Combos. All our Waterproof Turnout Horse Rugs are made from top quality, 600, 1200 or 1680 Denier Fabrics and are rated for their waterproofing and breathability. You wont find a better fitting horse rug than a Caribu. Checkout our range below.

Caribu Alpine 'Mid' 200gram Lined / 1200 Denier Turnout Winter Combo
(5'0-6'9) MED Weight
On Sale 2+ @ $124.95ea
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Caribu Alpine 'Mid' 250gram Lined / 1200 Denier Turnout Rug with Detachable Neck
(5'0-6'9) Detachable Neck
On Sale 2+ @ $136.95
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Caribu Alpine 300gram Lined / 1200 Denier Turnout Winter Combo
(4'0-7'0) Best Seller
On Sale 2+ @ $126.95ea
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Caribu Alpine Mid 200gram Lined / 1200 Denier Winter Turnout Horse Rug
(5'6-6'9) Great Fit
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Caribu Colorado 'Mid' 200gram Lined / 1680 Denier Turnout Winter Combo
(5'0-6'9) Premium Range
On Sale 2+ @$141.95
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Caribu Colorado 300gram Lined / 1680 Denier Turnout Winter Combo
(4'9-6'9) Superior Fabric
On Sale 2+ @$145.95ea
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Caribu Flinders Polar Fleece Lined 1200 Denier Turnout Combo with Detachable Neck
(5'3-6'9) Fleece Lined
On Sale 2+ for $115.95ea
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Tail Bag - 1200 Denier Waterproof
Ultimate Protection
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Customer Testimonials

Love your products service and easily accessible website. Thanks for making my "horse "shopping easy.
Shane Hunter
Mission Beach shane hunter

I purchased a Caribu winter rug for my horse 4 years ago and only now am I needing a new one. Extremely impressed with all aspects of this company. My horse has a sway back, thus fit is usually an issue. Caribu is the only rug he has not slipped off or had fit incorrectly. He also has very little rubbing with it. Much better than the more expensive well known brands. Thankyou! Julia Klein

Just got my 2 moleskin combos. Delivered within 2 days. So pleased you decided to make them. We live in fairly a humid area and the horses get so hot in rainsheets. They seem to be happy to stay in their stables with their moleskins on in the day whilst it's raining and don't get sweaty when I throw the rainsheets on at night.
They're well made, sitting square on the horses all day today. Of course they were baptised within hours. Both sides rolled on. sue Nightingale

First purchase from Caribu, arrived the day after ordering, great rug fits great awesome quality, western saddle bag is bigger than anticipated (thats a good thing ) again great quality and will be purchasing from caribu in the future! Shari Jamieson

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