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Please use this form to provide us details with your return or exchange request. Complete all fields (including adding images if relevant) to insure we can process your request as quickly as possible. Our Returns and Warranty FAQ can be found on this link

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I am wanting to : Organise to exchange a product.
Return an item for a refund.
My product is damaged or has a manufacturing fault.
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Item is unsuitable.
My item was sized or packaged incorrectly.
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Please choose the type of manufacturing fault: My item is new and I noticed damage or a manufacturing fault on receipt.
My item has developed a fault or been damaged after purchase during use.
Is the item 100% clean & hair free with original packaging? Yes
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Please give us detailed information regarding your manufacturing fault.
Please provide us as much detail as possible & upload images below:
Please substantiate to us in detail, how you believe your issue is a manufacturing fault and not a case of misfortune because your horse may have torn, snagged, rolled or bitten the item etc causing damage. We do ask you to check your items in detail before using to insure there are no manufacturing faults. Please upload detailed photos below.
If relevant to your request, please include detailed photos relating to the issue. (required for all fault related issues) This will assist us to resolve your issue quickly. For horse rugs, please also provide us with clear photos of the rug on your horse, including a wide shot that shows us your entire horse from at least two angles. Also provide us with close up pictures of the issue.
Maximum file size is 2mb per image. You can upload up to 5 images in gif/jpg/jpeg/png formats only. Images will be uploaded when you select the submit button.
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