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Caribu Eclipse 1200 Denier Waterproof Rainsheet Combo Horse Rug (No Fill)

Caribu Eclipse 1200 Denier Waterproof Rainsheet Combo Horse Rug (No Fill)
Eclipse 1200 Denier Rainsheet Combo Purple / Silver Sand Light Blue Turquoise/Silver Combo New Saffron Saffron Surcingle Quality Fittings Blue with Cinnamon Skirt Removable Leg Straps Quality Fittings
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Eclipse 1200 Denier Turnout/Rainsheet Combo Horse Rug (No Filling)

Photos pending for new Navy/Rose.

The Caribu Eclipse Rainsheet Turnout Horse Rug is our most popular waterproof combo horse rug design. Made from strong waterproof 1200 Denier, with built in Ripstop and reflective bindings.

The Eclipse Rainsheet Turnout Horse Rug now incorporates our new Aeromesh linings. Our new Aeromesh is a new generation open lining, very strong, but very soft on a horses coat. The Aeromesh is very hygienic and creates a breathing space between the rug and your horses coat, this has multiple advantages - it greatly improves breath-ability, airflow and comfort for your horse and won't rot or attract mold like a cotton lining will. Aeromesh is used across the horses body with Anti-Rub lining in the entire mane, shoulders and skirts.

This horse rug offers great versatility year round. It and can be used in wet weather in the warmer months, or use it as an outer horse rug and layer rugs underneath in the cooler months. A great design with quality materials and superior construction.

Eclipse 1200 Denier Rainsheet Combo Horse Rugs are Feature Packed-

• 1200 Denier Rated Breathable & Waterproof fabric (370gsm Fabric)
•Safety Reflective strips on all bindings
• Dual Quick Release European style chest buckles.
• 2 x 25mm neck buckles
• Very Generous Drops
• Taped side seams
• Adjustable cross surcingles
• Generous Shoulder Gussets
• Adjustable and removable webbed leg straps
• Full Wrap Tent Tail Flap - (Mare Friendly)
• Rear Darts for a comfortable fit
• Bar-Tac reinforcing on all fittings
• Internal anti-rub lining in the chest & in the mane area to help alleviate rubbing and a hygienic Aeromesh lining across the body, which creates a breathing space between the rug and your horses coat.
• We use a continuous run of fabric in the neck and body of the combo - no joins or seams in the neck line or along the back = better waterproofing and better fit.

Available Colours: Check drop down above.

Need help with sizing? Read our detailed Horse Rug Size Guide.

We recommend using rainsheets in conjunction with a light cotton horse rug. Colder outside air temperature and warmer air under the rug from the horses body heat will create condensation. This will accumulate on the inside of the rug. A light cotton under rug or similar with good moisture wicking properties helps to transport moisture away from their skin.

What sets our 1200 Deniers Turnout horse rugs apart from others?

  • The Eclipse rugs include reflective bindings & seams for added night safety as standard.
  • We only use Premium 370gsm weight 1200 Denier fabrics. Be wary of cheaper 1200 Denier rugs using thinner 300gsm fabrics. (more info below)
  • We use extra wide fabric for construction - which allows us to deliver generous drops even in the bigger sizes . (as an example size 6'0 has a generous 106cm drop up to a 7’0 with a 115cm drop.)
  • Dual European style 'Quick release' chest buckles with extra adjustment options.
  • Very Generous 'Full Wrap' tail flaps
  • All Caribu Synthetic Rugs and Combos are rated to a waterproof rating of at least 3000MM - more than twice the minimum requirements. Our Synthetic Rugs also have have a breathability rating of at least 3000gr/m2/per24hrs. The waterproof rating relates to the fabric. No rug is ever 100% waterproof, as water will enter via seams & joins that can not be heat sealed (ie behind chest buckles, leg straps and tail flap joins). We use a continuous run of fabric in the neck and body of the combo - no joins or seams in the neck line or back seam to let water in! The continuous neckline also helps to reduce mane rubbing. Read more about our waterproofing and breathability here.

Which Denier horse rug do I need? 600D or 1200D or 1680D?

Essentially the higher the denier number, the stronger the material. Commonly in 600D, 1200D and 1680D - the higher the number, the thicker and stronger the weave. At Caribu we primarily produce 1200 Denier Horse Rugs. A 1200 Denier horse rug will cost you around 10-15% more than a 600 Denier - but you will get a significantly longer life from it. Their is very little difference in Breathability, Insulation or weight - what you do get is the added strength & life. Likewise a 1680Denier is the pinnacle of horse rug fabrics - but comes at a cost premium. We have a helpful guide here

Tail Bags: We also offer tail bags in waterproof 1200 denier - more details here

Rug Care: Some horses perspiration can be more acidic than others, depending on diet and this can shorten the life of the membrane/Linings so Caribu would recommend using under rugs to extend the life of your synthetic rugs. Never wash synthetic deniers in anything but cold water. Water over 40c will damage the waterproof membrane. Learn more



Eclipse 1200 Denier Rainsheet Combo Purple / Silver Sand Light Blue Turquoise/Silver Combo New Saffron Saffron Surcingle Quality Fittings Blue with Cinnamon Skirt Removable Leg Straps Quality Fittings

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Customer Reviews

  • Reviewer: Rosemary Clintoff
    Really happy with this rug. Well made and a superb fit. We had heavy rain for the last 3 days and it kept him completely dry. I'll be back for the winter version!
  • Reviewer: Gayle Kirchner
    Fantastic rug and super fit for all horses. Bought 1 for my near 30 year old mare who can not keep herself warm any more in the rain. She loves it.
  • Reviewer: Kim Douglas
    Hi Just wanted to send you a quick note saying how impressed I am with my new Caribu Rainsheet combo. Not sure if it made news over east, but on Monday in Perth we just had our worst storm in decades. I had just managed to throw my new rainsheet on my pony minutes before it hit my place. A few hours later once the storm had passed I went outside to change his rug thinking he was surely soaked thru (of course he stood in the storm rather than go into his shelter!). Much to my surprise he was still completely dry!! I have owned a number of rainsheets in the last few years, most of them couldnt handle more than i short shower and I guarantee NONE of them would have been dry after this rain. This is truely a "waterproof" rug! Cheers Kim
  • Reviewer: Sonia
    Have one of these for both my horses, love them. Both fit great and I love the new tail flap. Prompt delivery as usual.
  • Reviewer: Anna Thomas
    Great rug ... a great fit like all rugs I have now purchased from you.

    And it always arrives earlier than I expect ... which is a lovely surprise :)

    Thanks Again
  • Reviewer: Yvette
    Great rug! Fits really well and doesn't slide on my boy who has loss muscle definition on one side of his hindquarters due to arthritis. Keeps him bone dry and surrounding horses seem to keep getting wet through their over-priced rain sheets. Very impressed! Will not look anywhere again.
  • Reviewer: Melissa
    Awesome rug, fits perfectly and doesnt move around or slip.

    Fast postage and great quality, can highly recommend!
  • Reviewer: Margaret Mills
    This is the most waterproof rug I have ever purchased. I have 2 for each horse, but very rarely need to swap them.
  • Reviewer: Tracey Huenerberg
    Used our new unlined combos today for the first time and as usual with Caribu rugs they are excellent quality and a great fit and very well priced too.
  • Reviewer: Donna Gleeson
    This past week I was reminded of how darn good these synthetic combos really are when i found myself one short and unprepared for this sudden winter change. I have been struggling between an old lined canvas rug (which rubbed her chest)and a badly shaped combo of another brand (which rubbed her shoulders). The other 2 horses were snug, warm and dry with their Caribu combos on. They are by far a superior rug, with the most excellent cut to the body shape so they dont roll or rub. If you dont want to be out in the rain changing rugs and worrying that your horses are cold or wet, they are the only way to go!
  • Reviewer: Emma
    wow... great rug, great fit, very waterproof and you can put any rug underneath it and i keeps it dry. the whole package and its cheap and arrived in like 2 days. very happy :) thanks caribu
  • Reviewer: Emily
    Great rug! Outperforming more expensive brands in both fit and waterproofing. Teamed with your quilted stable rug is keeping our horses warm, dry and rub free- wish they came in 4'!!
  • Reviewer: Angela
    Two years ago I purchased the rain sheet combo from you and I have to say we've had particularly wet winters here in Tassie in the last 2 seasons. The rug basically hasn't come off my brumby mare in both winters, no tears yet, but pretty muddy! I only have this one rug for her, but will buy the same style as a spare soon, just in case one of the other horses puts a tear in it. Overall, the best rug combo I have ever bought and won't go back to canvas anymore! Thankyou Caribu for offering a superior product.
  • Reviewer: Emily Noyes
    Just wanted to write a quick note to let the team at Caribu know how much I love your rugs! My herd wear your attached hood combos (ripstop and fly mesh) and 300g PolyFill rugs. During the rain prior to the QLD 2011 flood event, my horses wore your Winter 300g PolyFill combo rugs and were as dry as could be underneath. I knew I could count on them again with the latest batch of flood-inducing rain. Over the past weekend, we had over 550mm of rain (and that's just what made it to the gauge - who knows how much more came through horizontally!). My crew were warm and totally dry under their Caribu rugs. It's such a relief to not have to worry about them being wet and miserable whilst coping with a leaky house, being flooded in, no power/water and all the other wonderful things that QLD weather events bring. Your rugs far outperform other "big name" brands for waterproofing and fit, and I won't ever put my horses in anything else. Thanks!
  • Reviewer: Karen Johnstone
    Thankyou for the very fast delivery of my 3 rainsheet rugs. I used one of my sisters Caribou rainsheet rugs in the recent rain event and my horse stayed totally dry underneath- hence why i had to buy my own. The fit of these rugs is just fantastic, thanks again : )
  • Reviewer: Emma
    I bought both the combo & rug version of this rug. It is the first time I have bought Caribu rugs & I am very impressed, great fit & great service. I will definitely be back to buy more.
  • Reviewer: Nadia Finger
    I have been using my ones of these for nearly a year now and we have just moved from Far North Queensland to South Eastern Queensland and I love these well fitting rugs not only for their durability and water proof qualities, but the fact I can play around with different types of under rugs as it is not lined. Makes me happy to know I can have horses dry and not overheat. I am also impressed with Caribu's general design, these rugs fit my narrow TB, my stocky TB, my Quarter Horse and also a stock horse we had for a while! Just like other people have said, they don't slip, rub or wear out in any great hurry. I have gotten years out of Caribu rugs and that is up north where they are worn 24/7 and given heaps by itchy horses! Best rugs around!
  • Reviewer: Gina Parry
    I bought a few of these rugs around 3 years ago, along with a different brand. Now the time has come to re-order, and I will ONLY use Caribu! The clip fittings are far superior to other rugs, the fit is great on any shaped horse, and they last well. Real value for money in comparison to others of the same price!
  • Reviewer: Kim
    Love this rug ! Fits perfectly, doesn't slip, very waterproof. Extremely fast postage and exceptional quality. Thanks Caribu :)
  • Reviewer: Rhonda
    I have several different styles of caribu rugs on my horses and would thoroughly recommend them. I will not be buying any other brands of rugs again.
  • Reviewer: Bree Thurston
    Hi Caribu, I would just like to say that after owning your rain rug for about a year im honestly in love!! this rug is literally indestructible and i would definitely be buying more and more rugs from you guys!! these two boys go nuts when ever it is about to rain and the bay will start pawing the ground making his spot to rear and go nuts!! we have no idea why this happens but its become a habit and its the only time he really comes out of his shell and starts to be mean and bite! these rugs have gone threw countless stroms and was used throughout winter for the bay! they both haven't aged a day or ripped from the constant fights! i just wish this rug was a summer version as it would save us hundreds in rugs each year! its the only rug i can leave on and trust that they wont break!! my chestnut will pace up and down his paddock all day and night and rip any neck rugs he has but i'm so glad he has one rug that the buckles don't break!!! He's been injured so he has been locked up for 2 months and the bay has since come out of his shell and tried to become the boss. But anyway i'd just like to say a massive thank you!! and it was honestly the best purchase ive ever made and hopefully will be getting some summer rugs soon!
    Regards, Bree
  • Reviewer: Sue Sharpe
    We have had these Eclipse 1200 Denier Rainsheet Combo rugs for our horses for at least 5yrs now & they are still 100% waterproof.....new horse, new rugs & we wouldn't buy anything but Caribu, the only rugs that fit perfectly & no slip.....Thank You again for another awesome rug !!
  • Reviewer: Lisa Holland
    Thanks so much for your amazing service - I felt unsure about purchasing items online, but your system was easy to use, I was kept informed every step of the way in regards to delivery and within 48 hours my purchase was sitting on my kitchen table. An item that I purchased didn't fit (as I had measured incorrectly) and was exchanged with no fuss. I cannot recommend Caribu more highly!!
  • Reviewer: Melanie Benns
    I purchased the Waterproof rainsheet rug.Great fitting rug. Love the reflective strips as very few rugs offer this and it is an excellent safety precaution if horses get out. Very waterproof and no sweating which always seems to be a problem in Qld as it can still be quite warm when we get rain. I am ordering another one now.
  • Reviewer: Ken Hussey
    We have bought several of these rugs over the past years, various sizes and they fit our Arab horses really well. The latest version have a large tail flap, extra side length and the fluorescent line marking on the rug makes it easy to find your horse in the dark. A great innovation, great rug and well worth the money.
  • Reviewer: Vicki Wells
    Hi Jane & the Caribu Team,
    Just received my 4 x Eclipse Rugs this morning.
    I am over the moon. The quality looks amazing for the price I paid for them. Unfortunately only 2 of them are for my horses - the other 2 are for a broodmare syndicate which Agist where I have my horses! I want Caribu rugs for all of my horses!!! I will be replacing my aged weatherbeetas and Skye Park rugs with something from the Caribu range. I have OTT rescues, mainly Standardbreds so I am very excited at having the option to buy affordable rugs for them and spend the savings on the important business like rehab costs!I will proudly show them off on the weekend....I am sure you will get follow up orders from others as well as myself.I congratulate you on the great service - no fuss and simple ordering.
  • Reviewer: Jess
    The only true waterproof rug on the market in my view. Have spent many $$ on rugs claiming to be waterproof only to find that after the first shower they don't keep even a morning mist out. Will not buy anything else but Caribu rugs any more not just in terms of rain rugs but for everyday paddock rugs. The quality and life you get out of a Caribu rug just cannot be beaten by any of the more expensive rugs on the market. Keeping 4 horses in rugs gets expensive if they don't last!
  • Reviewer: Eve MacLean
    Thank heavens I bought these rain sheets for our horses before the recent severe rain event we had in Brisbane. Our horses were still dry after a full day of torrential rain. Great rugs!
  • Reviewer: Anne
    Have had 4 rainsheets for a few years now, and after 2 days of literally bucketing down, all 4 horses were still dry!
    My only problem I have found over the years is having had to put a split in the lining near the bottom of each side, to let out the balled up hair that accumulates in them through the mesh lining in spring time, but besides that cannot fault them. ## Note from Caribu. Anne we have now updated our linings to Aeromesh - that avoids the hair issue you speak of :)
  • Reviewer: Sue Sharpe
    It was finally time to replace 2 of our well worn 5yo + Caribu rainsheets & the colours are just stunning - turquoise on a Paly & the light blue / purple on a black buckskin, they look fantastic !! Our paddocks have a rainbow of Caribu colours with 2 of our other horses wearing a red/silver & a light blue/dark blue ones. The new Aeromesh lining is absolutely superb & the total fit of these generous rugs is brilliant....love the new triangle shaped D rings at the front too !! Once again another top quality rug at a great price - when only the best will do !!
  • Reviewer: lorraine kos
    Purfect fit and fabulous rug.This is the 4th caribu rug I have purchased and the only rugs I will use as it is the only brand that is a true fit .Thanks caribu for your great rugs that will last on any rug distroyer.
  • Reviewer: Marg Mills
    I was just looking at my Caribu Unlined Turnout rugs and noticed 1 of the 5 may not be 100% waterproof now. Looking back at my purchases, the last ones I brought were at least 3 years ago, so this particular one would have possible been 5 or more years ago. Rug is still VERY much in working order!!! I think I have at least 8 or so Caribu Rugs that would be 5+ years old and still going strong. Best rugs I have ever purchased, and will continue to purchase. Regards, Marg.
  • Reviewer: Anne dunn
    Great rug and withstands the worst of storms. However our boy got the snap hook on the bottom chest strap hooked onto the wire fence and ripped the fitting off the rug. I would feel more comfortable the straps and buckles only. However this incident won't prevent the purchase of further rugs- they are long lasting fit well and keep our boy dry
  • Reviewer: Kim
    Another superb rug from Caribu. Straight out the bag, little bit of adjustment and bingo, great fit. I love these rugs, so versatile. Thank you so much.
  • Reviewer: ally
    love this rug keeps my boy nice and warm and has lasted me 2 years, great rug and very affordable even if i have to buy more than one cause my boy is a devil and is always getting into mischief.
  • Reviewer: Anita schouten
    I have had two of these rugs, one rug for each horse. In Hobart we have just had more than 12 hours of rain without a break and my horses stayed totally dry except where wind blue up into the cotton rug near the tail. I am happy to say these rugs are amazing and I will be buying two more.
  • Reviewer: anne cooper
    absolutely love these rugs they are the best .. will be ordering and updating my old ones shortly wouldn't buy anything else..thankyou caribu
  • Reviewer: Cassane Fletcher
    Love this product, brought one for my mini and not only does it fit him perfectly (which is hard for minis) but the quality is well above any rug i have ever own. Would definantly recommend to everyone. Top rugs!!
  • Reviewer: Jodie Parker Dries
    Love all the new features of the Caribu rug, the mesh lining is a stroke of genius for those that get sweaty. I especially love the generous sizing to fit my quarter horses chunky bums!!!
    I'll definitely be buying more ASAP.
  • Reviewer: Kristina Esposito
    Amazing rugs.... definitely getting another rug for my other horse.
  • Reviewer: Gay Rendall
    3 days of solid rain. My horses are dry and warm.
    No broken straps, no slipping. So happy with these rugs
  • Reviewer: Joanne
    Just received this rug today. Beautiful fit & generous as usual with Caribu rugs. Thanks!!
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