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Size Guide - Dog Coats

Getting the correct fit for your coat is important for both your dogs comfort and to insure maximum life from our dog coats.

Coats are sized in 5cm intervals starting from 25cm, being the smallest size, up to our bigger 75cm coats. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, so its important to check all three of the measurements we provide against your dog. If you simply check just one measurement, chances are you may end up with a coat that isn't the best fit. Our listed coat sizes are based on the "A" measurement along the dogs back line.

Fopllow this link to find all our current seasons dog coats & jackets.

How to measure your dog for a Caribu Dog Coat:

1) Using a tape measure, take a measurement in a straight line from base of neck, which is often well behind where the collar sits to where you would expect the coat to finish, compare this to Measurement "A" in our chart. Our dog coats are listed for sale, based on the "A" measurement. "A" in the most important measurement to get right. Insure your dog is standing up. (if your dog is a wiggler, sometimes using string or rope against your dog is easier - then measure the string)

2) Next, measure your dog from the middle of their chest, around their shoulder, to where you expect the dog coat to finish, (base of the tail) and compare to measurement "C".

3) Using both the 'A' and 'C' measurement, you should be able to find the best size using our chart. Its important that you measure your dog more than once, and repeat the measurements on both sides - they wiggle around and you will get a different measurement each time!

4) Finally, check the drop of your selected dog coat size against the "B" measurement below, to insure it is suitable. To check the 'B' measurement, place the tape measure in the middle of your dogs back and ,measure down over his ribs to get an idea where the drop of the coat will finish, to insure it wont be to short or too long. (very important for short dogs!)

Using these three measurements you can find the best sized dog jacket. Dogs come in so many shapes and sizes, if you have a dog that is a little oddly shaped ie: long legged and skinny or short legged and fat - or a combination of both, you may have to find a compromise between sizes that will give the best overall fit. If the "A" measurement is correct but, the drop "B" is too long, ie if you dog has short legs, you may need to get a coat with a shorter "A" measurement.

If your dog is between sizes - we suggest going down a size - rather than up a size. The dog coat is best being a little too small in the "A" measurement, than to big. A bigger coat in the 'A' measurement will not sit well, slip about and overall provide a poorer fit. Dog owners do have a tendency to always order a coat a size to big on the "A" measurement.

There are some dogs who just don't fit standard dog coast sizes (ie like a Dachshund!). You may need to find a person who can custom make you a dog coat.

Measure your Dog

Refer to the table below for a measurement guide. "A" Refers the approx length of the coat along top edge,. "B" refers to the drop of the coat, "C" is the measurement along the bottom edge of the dog coat.

Measurement "A"
(Along top of Coat)

Measurement "B" (Coat Drop)
Measurement "C"
(Along Bottom of Coat)

Sizing as a guide only. Every dog is different based on breed and sex
Measurement below relates to 'A' Measurement - Along top of coat.
Cattle Dog 40-50cm
Basenji 30-35cm
Beagle 35-40cm
Bichon Frise 35-45cm
Boxer 50-60cm
Bull Terrier 45-55cm
Cavalier KC Spaniel 40-50cm
Chihuahua 20-30cm
Chow Chow 45-55cm
Cocker Spaniel 40-50cm
Corgi 40-45cm
Dalmatian 60-65cm
Doberman 60-70cm
Fox Terrier 35-45cm
German Shepherd 65-75cm
Golden Retriever 60-70cm
Great Dane 70-80cm
Greyhound 55-65cm
Jack Russell 30-35cm
Kelpie 50-60cm
Labrador 50-65cm
Maltese 25-35cm
Pomeranian 25-35cm
Poodle - Standard 55-60cm
Poodle - Miniature 35-40cm
Poodle - Toy 20-25cm
Rhodesian Ridgeback 60-70cm
Rottweiler 55-65cm
Silky Terrier 30-35cm