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Care Guide - Sheepskin

Sheepskin Wool products need a lot more care than usual. Always allow the product to dry immediately after it has become damp or wet.

Always air your Sheepskin products well after use - no exceptions!! Horses sweat is caustic, if a product is put away damp with sweat, it will react with the sheepskin and accelerate the breakdown of the sheepskin.

The wool should be brushed frequently. All parts which are exposed to the horses sweat during use, need special care. These should be thoroughly dried after every use, then before the next use, brush the wool with a grooming brush. Numnahs and Saddle pads should generally be placed on top of the saddle wool side up when storing the saddle. When dry, before reusing, brush the wool to remove horsehair, dried sweat and dirt residue. This assures a longer life of the product, it also saves you a lot of problems.

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A little care goes a long way

Regular Maintenance

Sheepskin products must be allowed to dry between uses so that the sheepskin is given a chance to stabilize. Repeated use without out proper drying out and airing will cause damage to the leather resulting in damage to your product. Once the pad is dry, a light brushing of the sheepskin with a pet brush will separate the wool fibers and help to keep the wool fluffy and resilient for the next use.

Washing Sheepskin

Sheepskin products should be hand washed in cold or warm water (no more than 30c) using a mild soap designed for sheepskin. (Avoid regular washing powders which nearly all contain enzymes or bleach. These enzymes break down the sheepskins very quickly.

It is not suggested to wash Sheepskin products in the washing machine because we find that the ‘agitator’ can be rough on the sheepskin and any velcro. Remove excess water by carefully squeezing the water out. Do not wring out out as it may result in damaging the product.


Sheepskin products should be line dried out of the sun. Please do not put in the warm dryer or on a heating device. Sheepskin can be very effectivly dried using a dryer - but only on a cold setting (no heat at all). Putting it in the dryer on cold setting is better for the leather than letting them dry on their own, as it fluffs the air through and keeps the fibres from drying out and going hard

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