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Caribu Sponsorship

Do you provide Event Sponsorship?

Yes! We appreciate the cost and complexity that is required to run a good equestrian event. We also appreciate the loyal relationship many of our customers place in us and we would like to help return this dedication where we can. As Caribu Horse Wear is a National Distributor we receive requests for event sponsorship on a daily basis from various disciplines all around Australia. With such high volumes of requests we would love to assist all but this unfortunately is not possible, but we do have a sponsorship calendar quota whereby we try to sponsor different disciplines in different areas on a regular basis. Of course you do need to be one of our customers to ask for sponsorship;

How do you provide sponsorship?

In most cases we will provide rugs or accessories for prizes, online gift vouchers or a combination of both. We don't provide cash donations unless in exceptional circumstances/events. We only sponsor Equestrian events and generally don't sponsor raffles or fund raisers.

Do you sponsor young and upcoming riders?

At present we are not sponsoring riders. Rider sponsorship is a complex arrangement to manage and quantify. We are currently working on a frame work to introduce a program to encourage young and upcoming riders in the future.

How can I see if Caribu will sponsor our next event?

To qualify for consideration for sponsorship please provide us all of the following details via the email address below:

  • Your group or organisations name registered association details.
  • Your organisations website and contact details (prizes will be sent to your registered address for your association)
  • Your event date, event discipline and anticipated number of participants and if an annual event numbers from previous years. We will require minimum of 4 weeks notice in order for us to consider your event for sponsorship.
  • An order number or e-mail address you used for a recent purchase from Caribu, to verify you are a Caribu customer!

Is there anything we need to do in return for your sponsorship?

  • Absolutely - if you love our products and our service - spread the word!
  • Display our donated goods/rugs on the day.
  • Put a link to our website on your website
  • Include a small Caribu logo in your event program/draw and if you send an electronic copy of your event program to your members, we can provide a PDF file of one of our latest adverts to append to the back of your electronic program. (we do ask for a copy of your event program with our logos before we dispatch the prizes.)
  • After the event post some pictures from your event on our Facebook page and let us know how successful it was.

Interested in contacting us about sponsorship? Easy - contact us using this e-mail address