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Caribu Cash Loyalty Program

Want to be part of a loyalty program that rewards you with real incentives?

At Caribu, our rewards program is simple and painless: for every $100 you spend online per order, you get $5 credited to your Caribu Cash account which can be applied to your next purchase online. You will earn rewards on all purchases - even including sales!

Being a member of the program also means that you will receive notification of special offers that may be exclusive to our VIP members. In short, the benefits include:

Caribu Cash Reward Tiers:

  • Spend over $100 earn $5 Caribu Cash
  • Spend over $200 earn $10 Caribu Cash
  • Spend over $300 earn $15 Caribu Cash
  • Spend over $400 earn $20 Caribu Cash
  • Spend over $500 earn $25 Caribu Cash
  • Spend over $600+ earn $30 + $5 for each increment of $100

    Caribu Cash Rewards Program
    Start saving today!

    Caribu Cash can be used towards future online orders on our web site. Your Caribu Cash account will be credited once your original order is shipped and marked with a status of "Complete". Your current Caribu Cash balance can be found in the "My Account" section. Shipping charges do not count towards Caribu Cash calculation totals.

    How do I start collecting Caribu Cash?

    You need to have a login account to earn, manage and redeem Caribu Cash Rewards. As simple as that!

    New customers visiting the site for the first time will need to create an account the first time as they checkout. (You can do this on the last page of our Checkout - or you can create a user account here: ) Caribu Cash earned in a transaction will be allocated to your account, which can then be spent at your leisure in the future.

    Returning customers who already have an account with us, will have their Caribu Cash automatically assigned to that account and do not need to do anything. Be sure to Login to your account before purchasing.

    I forgot to login before completing my order? Do I still earn points?

    No. You must login before completing your order, so that we know which account to apply Caribu Cash rewards dollars. Unfortunately we can not edit or adjust totals for your rewards points after an order, as its an integrated secure system within our web site.

    How do I redeem my Caribu Cash?

    Caribu Cash accumulates in your account and can be redeemed during check-out against almost anything on the site. This means you can either buy little and often or save them up and purchase something really special. Caribu Cash can only be redeemed on the site for online purchases, they can not be used for phone orders.

    On our Checkout page, below the order totals you will see an area that allows you to redeem your Caribu Cash. You must be logged in to see it, and you must have Caribu Cash already earned.

    Caribu Cash Rewards

    Where can I see my Caribu Cash balance and history ?

    Login to your user account (Link in top right hand corner of our web site). Once logged in select "My Account & Orders" top right hand corner of our home page.

    Once on your profile page, select the "Caribu Cash' tab to see your earning & redemption history & balances.

    Caribu Cash

    Is their a minimal order amount needed to be able to redeem my Caribu Cash points against?

    Yes - you must have a minimal order total of $40 (before postage), to be able to see/use your redemption points.

    Can I use & redeem Caribu Cash over the phone?

    No. Caribu Cash can only be used and redeemed for online orders - sorry no exceptions.

    Are there circumstances when I may be restricted from earning or redeeming points for an order ?

    You must have a minimal order total of $40 (before postage), to be able to use your redemption points. You must also be logged in to the same account you used when you made your initial purchase. Caribu Cash may be restricted for redemption during seasonal sales and specials.

    Why can't I see an option to redeem prior Caribu Cash Points?

    For some promotions we reserve the right to restrict the use of Caribu Cash for redemption. As an example, we may be running a special sale (ie: End of Financial Year Sale or special store wide promotions when broad discounts are in use) In these circumstances we may restrict the earning or redemption of points, any restrictions will be advertised on the sit at the time.

    Other reasons why you may not be able to redeem points is because you must have a minimal order total of $40 (before postage), to be able to use your redemption points. You must also be logged in to the same account you used when you made your initial purchase.

    Look out for Bonus Promotions!

    Although you will be earning standard points on almost anything you buy from us, occasionally you might notice some exciting Bonus Promotions against some of our ranges.

    Bonus Promotions offer you double or even triple points on labeled products so you can earn up to $15 for every $100 spent!

    Are there products that don't earn reward points?

    Generally all products will enable you to earn Caribu Cash. Some store wide sales or clearance items may be excluded, and this will be highlighted in the item description./or on our homepage during the sale.

    What happens if I don’t use my Caribu Cash?

    Caribu Cash was introduced and applies to all orders from Jan 1st, 2014. Any Points earned will remain in your account for 15 months from the date of allocation, at which point they will expire and no longer be valid. Once your Caribu Cash expires you will be unable to use them to purchase from us.


    If you elect to return an item from which you earned Caribu Cash, the amount of Caribu Cash earned from the returned item will be deducted from your balance once we process your return. If this Caribu Cash has already been used, we will deduct the equivalent amount from the total to be refunded to your original payment method.

    Terms & Conditions:

    Caribu Horse Wear reserves the right to change or end this rewards program at any time. Caribu Cash has no cash value other than when redeemed against a purchase online www.CaribuHorseWear.com.au and cannot be redeemed for cash. Should we decide to alter or end our Loyalty Program, customers will be given an opportunity to redeem any Caribu Cash earned, prior to termination of this program according to the terms and conditions of the program. We reserve the right to exclude certain products or promotions from the Caribu Cash Rewards program.

    Caribu Rewards was launched on Dec 24th, 2013 and will apply to orders going forward after this date.