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Waterproof Turnout Horse Rugs

Ensuring you have the right horse rugs and horse gear from the beginning will make life much easier for you and your horse.

Every horse is different therefore how you rug is very different for every horse and is based on the situation at hand. When and how you protect your horse will vary based on the season and the individual need of your horse.  

When rugging a horse for the first time, you are usually better going lighter, than heavier, this will allow you to learn to read your horses comfort signs. Overheating is a real issue and comes with attached health risks which are better to be prevented. 

Learning to read your horse's comfort when rugged is not that difficult. You can do this quick check:

  • Your horse is probably too cold if he's shivering, seems unusually tense or stiff, has cold ears, or has hairs standing on end.
  • Your horse is probably too warm in his rug if he's sweating (check the rib cage, not just the shoulder) or seems unusually restless or thirsty

Selecting the right horse rug is important and there are several factors that contribute to selecting the right rug the first time. Here are a few helpful guides to choosing the right rug for your horse:

Horse Rug Fit:

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Horse Rug Neck Style:

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Horse Rug Material:

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Lined Winter Turnout Horse Rugs

Lined Winter Turnout Horse Rugs
8 products available

Rainsheet (No Fill) Turnout Horse Rugs

Rainsheet (No Fill) Turnout Horse Rugs
5 products available

Customer Testimonials

WOW! I just received my order from Caribu. I only ordered it yesterday, can't believe the great service. Just had a look at the rugs and OMG! they are fantastic. I've owned horses for about 40 years and have worked in the saddlery industry for just as long and I've never seen such quality and great prices. Keep up the wonderful job Caribu, I'll always be a customer. Cheers, Sue and Tunza. Sue Hartshorn

I ordered my rug last Thursday and i received it yesterday 3 working days later what a surprise but the biggest surprise was that the full fly mesh rug for my 34 yo standard bred who suffers badly from Qld itch! This rug is so beautifully made and after buying 2 rugs earlier, that didnt fit, this rug fits perfectly! thank you so much and i will be buying more items from this company in future! Jenny
Jeannette Phillips

Thank you to Caribu Horsewear. I have been so impressed with the horse rug I recently received. Fantastic fit, great quality and prompt delivery. Will be recommending Caribu to all my friends! Carly

I have used Caribu rugs for our horses for some years now - they are all I buy. Quality rugs, excellent, true fit and with sturdy, quality fittings and great value prices. Excellent, easy to use website with comprehensive useful information, fast delivery and excellent customer service. Wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you Caribu! Julie Vandyke
(Pepper Tree Farm)

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